31st Paralounge Drum Gathering

May 3-6 2018

Camp Kiwanis

19300 S.E 3rd ST

Silver Springs, Florida

Located in the Ocala National Forest

We are very excited to bring you another amazing line up of Performers and Instructors. You can look forward to a fun and educational weekend that is focused on Building Community through Drum & Dance. All ages are encouraged to participate.



Inanna, Sisters in Rhythm, is an all-women’s percussion and vocal ensemble dedicated to cultural diversity, education, and healing through the universal language of music.  Blending western vocal harmonies with the polyrhythms of West Africa, the Middle East, and Brazil, they create a multicultural fusion beyond tradition.  Together for 26 years, the band has recorded six full-length albums. Traveling from Maine.


Ken Anoff presents: A Time to Drum

A Time to Drum is an amazing “World Percussion” ensemble from Jacksonville Florida. The Paralounge Drum Gathering has been proud to present A Time to Drum since 2007. This eclectic collection of percussion artist know how to deliver intense performances of percussion perfection!





Rhythm Quest is a contemporary world percussion trio exploring the outer reaches of drum music. Their ambitious original compositions draw on global rhythm traditions while maintaining a distinctive contemporary sound.





We are very privileged to have the resource to offer you the opportunity to play! Jana Broder will have her fleet of drums available so you may participate during this event. If you do not have a drum, we have one for you to borrow. Please treat them with respect, these instruments bring smiles to hundreds of people daily! Thank you Jana Broder and www.drummagic.net  



Friday May 4

9:00 am : Morning Yoga with Sandy Palmer







10:00 am : Conga Foundations with Sean Richards

 11:00 am : How to play the Australian Didgeridoo with Jeremy Lembo

1:00 pm : Introduction to Middle Eastern Rhythms  Tribal Soup Project –Jesse and Seaweed will take you on journey where you will learn the essential Middle Eastern Rhythms that everyone should know.  These rhythms will enrich your drumming experience giving you greater confidence in what you are playing and allow you to move further upon your drum path.  They can be played on any type of drum, at drum circle, and even for a Belly Dancer.

2:30 pm : All about the Bass & Bells with Rhythm Quest. In this Workshop Rhythm Quest will explore the creative and responsible use of bass drums (or dununs) and bells – or the “top” and the “bottom” roles in a drum circle. Here we will explore dynamics, texture, energy and rhythmic space as we dig in to these very powerful instruments.

4:00 pm : Drum Circle Facilitator’s Meeting with Jana Broder. Open discussion on the DC Facilitation profession.


4:00 pm : Learn how to play the Native American Style Flute with Ray Wood.

5:00 pm : Welcome Home Drum Circle Meet and Greet

7:00 pm : Paralounge “Give Away” : Buy your admission online before April 23, 2018 and get your name entered into the drawing. Details on the Admission Page

8:00 pm : Rhythm Quest

Saturday May 5

9:00 am : Morning Yoga with Sandy Palmer

11:00 am : Balkan Traditional Dance with Iba Gjilani

1:00 pm :  Frame Drum workshop on the Tar Drum with Inanna, Sisters in Rhythm
In this workshop, we will be teaching a rhythm in 3/4 time on the Tar. This class is open to all levels. We will be reviewing technique on the tar, and teaching the song, “Keepers of the Gate,” a composition from Inanna’s songbook, “Rhythmic Migrations”. The curriculum includes basic strokes, tuning of the drums, singing with the melodies of the drums, and carrying a rhythm in 3 over a walking/dancing pulse in 2.

2:30 pm : Singing with the Drum workshop with Inanna, Sisters in Rhythm:  
This workshop is an immersion in the rich tradition of West African music, where song and rhythm come together! We will work on technique and solo phrases on the traditional Djembe together with the three accompanying Bass Drums (Dununs) and enjoy their rhythmic and melodic interaction. We’ll also learn an African song and practice to play and sing simultaneously. 
Playing music together in a group is fun and exciting and you’ll enjoy the rhythms we’ll be creating together!

4:00 pm : Advanced Rhythms with Ken Anoff. 

4:00 pm : Children’s Drum & Dance with Jana Broder’s Drum Magic. Kids learn to play and perform for the parents on the Paralounge stage.













4:00 pm Hoop Dance with Bonnie Brown of Outward Spiral.

7:00 pm : A Time to Drum

8:00 pm : Inanna  Sister’s In Rhythm

Sunday May 6


Shorty Palmer will be there with his huge inventory of percussion and drum building materials. Visit www.goatskins.com




 A Company of Angels  brings a great selection of books, crystals, sage and Jewelry.

Blue Moon Bazaar offers fine art, jewelry, belly dancing attire and Henna.


Wolverine Concessions serves delicious and healthy meals for you to enjoy. The menu has Vegetarian friendly items! 





Café “all day”


Cheese Steak

Fish Taco


Pineapple fruit salad

Hummus and salad wrap

Veggie Burger

Tofu Ruben

Tofu Stir Fry

Grilled Cheese

Baked Potato

Bourbon Chicken

Red Beans & Rice

Black Beans

Fresh veggies

Vegetarian Soup

Friday – Tortilla

Saturday – Potato Broccoli Cheese


Mixed Berry Cobbler


Dinner Specials

Friday – Grilled Grouper / Tofu Veggie Kabobs

Saturday – Lasagna w/salad / Veggie + meat


Texas Toast sandwich

Breakfast bowl

Breakfast plate

Biscuits & Gravy

Veggie Quiche

Egg & Veggie wrap

Veggie skillet