32nd Paralounge Drum Gathering

32nd Paralounge Drum Gathering

October 11-14, 2018

Camp Kiwanis

Silver Springs, Florida

Experience a schedule of Fun & Educational workshops and performances while interacting with a multicultural community.

Drums will be present for those who may need to borrow one to participate.  Thank you www.drummagic.net for providing the fleet of drums.



Thursday October 11, 2018

9:00 pm Paralounge Sound Garden: Meditation with gongs, singing bowls and chimes

Friday October 12, 2018

9:00 am Yoga with Sandy Palmer. Yoga for persons with special needs also available.

10:00 am Learning about the Australian Didgeridoo with Jeremy Lembo. Novice to Advanced

11:00 am Introduction to Drum Circles: Your host, Clinton Tipton will discuss the fundamentals of most drum circles and the basics to building rhythms.

1:00 pm Expressing Rhythms on the Conga Drum with Sean Richards.

2:00 pm Family Time: Children’s Face Painting / Finger Painting

2:30 pm Dun Dun Meeting: We encourage all BIG drum players, whom are playing with mallets and holding the down beat, to attend. This time is set up for players to understand their role in the drum circle and familiarize with each other. Bring your drums and practice with the group to enhance the capability of the group to play at full potential.

4:00 pm Learning to play the Native American style Flute with Ray Wood.

5:00 pm Welcome Home Drum Circle: Meet and Greet drum circle for establishing familiarity among the community.

7:00 pm Paralounge Give Away: Participants that purchase admission online, before October 1, are entered to win a prize. Details posted on the Admission page.




8:00 pm Rhythm Round Up: Percussion Competition!

  • 10 minute time limit
  • non professional competitors only.Single contestants or ensembles.
  • Indigenous Instruments Only ( hand drums, flutes, didgeridoos, bells etc…)
  • Must purchase admission to compete.
  • Must be Registered by October 1, 2018. ( e-mail staff@paralounge.net to Register)
  • Only 5 slots will be open for the competition. Register early to compete!
  • Winners determined by voting system. Judges will be announced…

(Example of score sheet below)

1. Presentation             0 none 1 weak 2 good 3 strong 4 wow

2. Instrumentation         0 none 1 weak 2 good 3 strong 4 wow

3. Technique                  0 none 1 weak 2 good 3 strong 4 wow

4. Audience Interaction  0 none 1 weak 2 good 3 strong 4 wow

5. Audience Response  0 none 1 weak 2 good 3 strong 4 wow

  • $400.00 four hundred dollar total cash prize will be awarded to the winner or winners Saturday October 13, 2018.

9:00 pm Drum Circle / Flute Circle / Didgeridoo Circle / Gypsy Dance Circle

Saturday October 13, 2018

9:00 am Yoga with Sandy palmer

10:00 am Facilitated Drum Circle with Jana Broder and Drum Magic. Bring the entire family to drum! All ages all levels of skill wanted! Crazy fun with Drum Magic! www.drummagic.net

11:00 am Family Tribal Dance by the Silk Road Caravan:

The Silk Road Caravan has put together a dance workshop for the families of Paralounge Drum Gathering. Dance is not just part of the community we are building, but also has many benefits to structure and well being. The workshop will cover the elements of tribal, ecstatic dance, and will teach how to combined movement and music. Join us in stomping our feet to the drums, floating to the flute, and spinning to all the musical instruments of our gathering. Draw a card from the hat and dance your own creative expression of the item written on it. We will learn how to listen to and become the music and dance as individuals and in-group format. We strongly encourage ALL members of the family to participate.

1:00 pm Learn to use Poi with members of M.A.D Flames Entertainment.

2:30 pm  African Dance with Tam Tam Congo

4:00 pm Rhythms from the Congo with Master Thobos Lubamba.

4:00 pm Children’s Drum & Dance with Drum Magic: Children learn to sing, dance and drum for their performance on stage.

7:00 pm M.A.D Flames Entertainment presents Fire Performances

8:00 pm Tam Tam Congo


9:00 pm Drum Circle / Flute Circle / Conga Corner / Gypsy Dance Circle

Sunday October 14, 2018

9:00 am Morning Yoga with Sandy Palmer


Paralounge is proud to have such a variety of amazing vendors. You will enjoy browsing the huge selection of hand crafted instruments from all over the world.