33rd Paralounge Drum Gathering

33rd Paralounge Drum Gathering

Admission & Lodging Below

May 2-5, 2019

Camp Kiwanis

Silver Springs, Florida


Experience a schedule of Fun & Educational workshops and performances while interacting with a multicultural community.


Drums will be present for those who may need to borrow one to participate. 


Thursday May 2, 2019

9:00 pm Paralounge Sound Garden: Meditation with gongs, singing bowls and chimes

Friday May 3, 2019

9:00 am Yoga with Sandy Palmer. Yoga for persons with special needs also available.

10:00 am Learning about the Australian Didgeridoo with Jeremy Lembo. Novice to Advanced

11:00 am Introduction to Drum Circles: Your host, Clinton Tipton will discuss the fundamentals of most drum circles and the basics to building rhythms.

1:00 pm Expressing Rhythms on the Conga Drum with Sean Richards.

2:00 pm Family Time: Children’s Face Painting / Finger Painting

2:30 pm BIG DRUM Club: We encourage all BIG drum players, whom are playing with mallets and holding the down beat, to attend. This time is set up for players to understand their role in the drum circle and familiarize with each other. Bring your drums and practice with the group to enhance the capability of the group to play at full potential.

4:00 pm Learning to play the Native American style Flute with Ray Wood.

5:00 pm Welcome Home Drum Circle: Meet and Greet drum circle for establishing familiarity among the community.





7:00 pm ……. To be announced

9:00 pm Drum Circle / Flute Circle / Didgeridoo Circle / Gypsy Dance Circle

Saturday May 4, 2019

9:00 am Yoga with Sandy palmer

10:00 am to be announced…….

11:00 am to be announced…….


1:00 pm to be announced….

2:30 pm  to be announced…..

4:00 pm to be announced…..

4:00 pm Children’s Drum & Dance : Children learn to sing, dance and drum for their performance on stage.



6:00 pm Children’s Spotlight

7:00 pm to be announced…..


8:00 pm to be announced….


9:00 pm Drum Circle / Flute Circle / Conga Corner / Gypsy Dance Circle

Sunday May 5, 2019

9:00 am Morning Yoga with Sandy Palmer

10:00 am : Rhythm Church is a non religious workshop that focuses your intent to heal with your music. 


Important!! By purchasing your admission to this event, you agree to the following terms. 

Paralounge Inc. withholds the right to deny any person or group to this event. All sales are final. No refunds. If you purchase an admission you agree to be aware that a photographer is present and your image may be used by Paralounge Inc.

ASSUMPTION OF THE RISKS: I hereby freely assume all risks that are part of this activity, and any harm, injury or loss that may occur to me or my property as a result of my participation in the Activity or during any transportation to or from the Activity—including any injury or loss caused by the negligence of Paralounge Inc, its employees, agents and officers, its contractors, and other Activity participants. I also understand that any equipment that I provide or may borrow or rent from Paralounge Inc. or any other provider I use at my own risk and that any such equipment is provided without any warranty about its condition or suitability.

RELEASE OF LIABILITY: I hereby RELEASE Paralounge Inc, its employees, agents, officers, and contractors, the providers of any equipment used in the Activity, land owners, municipal or governmental providers of use permits, and their respective employees, officers, and directors (“the Released Parties”) FROM ALL LIABILITIES, CAUSES OF ACTION, CLAIMS AND DEMANDS that arise in any way from any injury, death, loss or harm that occur to me or to any other person or to any property during the Activity or in any way related to the Activity, including during transportation to or from the Activity. This RELEASE includes claims for the negligence of the Released Parties and claims for strict liability for abnormally dangerous activities. This RELEASE does not extend to claims for gross negligence, intentional or reckless misconduct, or any other liabilities that Washington law does not permit to be excluded by agreement. I also agree NOT TO SUE or make a claim against the Released Parties for death, injuries, loss or harm that occur during the Activity or are related in any way to the Activity.

USE OF MY LIKENESS: I understand that during the Activity I may be photographed or videotaped. To the fullest extent allowed by law, I waive all rights of publicity or privacy or pre-approval that I have for any such likeness of me or use of my name in connection with such likeness, and I grant to Paralounge Inc. and its assigns permission to copyright, use, and publish (including by electronic means) such likeness of me, whether in whole or part, in any form, without restrictions, and for any purpose.

Day Pass Policy

We apologize for the inconvenience. We do not have single day passes. We do not have the resources available to separate campers from non campers.

No Pet Policy

Paralounge Inc. and Camp Kiwanis have a No Pet Policy.We love our animal companions, but we ask you to leave them at home. Trained “Service Animals” that provide services for persons with disabilities are always accepted.



RV Parking

Please send us an e-mail if you are bringing an RV. Camp Kiwanis does not have accommodations for RV hook ups. We have limited space for parking, therefore we park the RVs along the treeline. RVs must park organized and close to each other to allow enough room. Only small and quite generators may be used. Please arrive during daylight hours to insure easy access to parking area. 


FRIENDS are there to help. Whenever you need help at the Paralounge, whether it be questions or assistance. The bright yellow shirts make it easy to find a FRIEND. We are more than happy to help your Paralounge experience be stress free. 


Admission Transaction

Important! Upon making your Admission purchase with Paypal, you will receive a confirmation from Paypal. You will receive an e-mail from Paralounge within a short period of time to confirm your purchase. You will not receive a ticket in the mail. The Paralounge e-mail will confirm your name is on the list at the gate when you arrive.

Important! Be sure to enter ALL names that will be claiming admission at the gate. The “Names for Registration” is located on the Paypal link, here on this page. (see image here for reference)

Photo ID Required to claim ANY online purchase.

Paralounge “Give Away” * When you purchase your admission online, before April 28, 2019, your name will be included in the drawing for prizes. May 4, 2019 @ 6:30 pm. Names will be drawn to determine the winners! You could win a drum from www.goatskins.com. You could win a drum from www.motherrhythm.com, or a flute from www.islandflutes.com. Many amazing, hand crafted instruments and such are donated to the drawing. So be sure to enter all of the names correctly. Must be present to win (standing in the stage area). You must be 13 years of age or older to win. If you are not present when your name is called, a countdown will proceed… 10..9…8…etc. Then the next name will be pulled. 

 The Paralounge “Give away” is a wonderful way for us to give to the community and inspire new musicians. Remember! If you do not “need” the prize, it is a beautiful thing to put it back into the drawing. 

Admission Prices Change May 1, 2019

Purchase Admission Thursday – Sunday

# of Admissions
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 Purchase Admission Friday – Saturday

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Purchase Admission Saturday – Sunday

# of Admissions
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 Admission Prices Change May 1, 2019      $80 Thursday – Sunday       $70 Friday – Saturday         $50 Saturday – Sunday

Lodging Options

Primitive Camping is included in the admission price. Additional lodging options are available for an added cost.

Bunkhouses with Single Bunks are available. There is a Men and Women’s side. When you purchase lodging you agree to the following terms.

  • No nudity
  • Must be quite and respectful
  • No children may be left unattended
  • No children on the top bunks
  • Must bring your own pillows and blankets
  • Paralounge Inc. is not responsible for damaged or stolen items. The doors do not lock.
  • Must leave the area clean, swept and garbage emptied.

Men’s Single Bunks

Men’s Single Bunk

Women’s Single Bunks

Women’s Single Bunk

We also have full bunkhouse rentals for those with health issues and large groups. E-mail staff@paralounge.net for details.  


Paralounge is proud to have the most high quality vendors available to the community. The Paralounge Drum Gathering may be the only place you can take advantage of so much variety! Put your hands on a plethora of hand crafted instruments from all over the world. 

If you are interested in vending at a Paralounge event, please visit the Vendors page on this site and fill out the PDF file. We do not accept vendors upon arrival. 

Paralounge is proud to have such a variety of amazing vendors. You will enjoy browsing the huge selection of hand crafted instruments from all over the world.