The Paralounge Drum Gathering is a celebration of the human spirit. Paralounge Inc. is dedicated to building a community utilizing drum and dance from around the world. Each indigenous culture has developed unique styles and techniques involving drum and dance. This indigenous music has become the building blocks of our modern music. So there is a very educational aspect to the practice we call “drum circle”. We can learn the intricate foundations of our music and learn about world culture as well.

The Paralounge Mission:

Create an environment where these ingredients are present:

  • Family
  • Honesty
  • Creativity
  • Musicality
  • Spirituality

We are dedicated to creating a community through multi cultural interaction and musical understanding. The Paralounge is a place where you can learn about cultures from around the world and understand the basics of rhythm.

Spend your day learning about all kinds of exotic instruments created by indigenous tribes. Learn how they were made and what they were made for. Many rhythms can be crossed over between other percussion instruments.

Get your body moving and learn traditional dances practiced by your ancestors. The workshops are full of all kinds of educational facts. Many teachers have enjoyed the Paralounge Drum Gathering and received Continuing Education Hours (approved by their district).

This is a celebration of the human spirit with drum and dance. The Paralounge Drum Gathering is a Music Retreat for families and community. This is an atmosphere where families may enjoy an outdoor adventure together, while also receiving an educational and bonding experience. Paralounge is a place where you may find your family! The warm welcome and open minded community offers a strong bonding experience.

The first Paralounge Drum Gathering was in July 2002 at the Spirit of the Suwanee Music Park in Live Oak, Florida. Each event since, has grown and evolved as the community becomes more engaged and unified.

Many life long friendships have been made. Many community drum circles have been created because of the relationships created here. Many participants learn techniques and rhythms at the Paralounge Drum Gathering, then share them with their community drum circles.



Here is a list of the amazing artist and instructors we have been honored to have at the Paralounge Drum Gathering.

Jerrod’s Door                      Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.

The Melbourne Drum Tribe              Melbourne Fl.

Kusun Ensemble          Ghana Africa

Rhythm Festival          Jacksonville Fl.

Didge Revolution            Tampa Fl.

Tocamos          Tallahassee Fl.

SHREDD               Orlando Fl.

Lost Safari Drummers

Tam Tam Congo                     Congo Africa

Pond                     Fort Meyers Fl.

Lucid Druid                 St. Pete Fl.

Dragon Fly Rhythms            Tampa Fl.

Buddy Helm                 Santa Monica California

Jana Broder                       Tampa Fl.

Ken Anoff                              Jacksonville Fl.

Balantami Sun                      Guinea Africa

World Collision                   St. Petersburg Fl.

Tampa Taiko              Tampa Fl.

Ritmo Blu                      Atlanta Georgia

Shorty Palmer                              Seymour  Tennessee

Kevin Locke                      North Dakota

Fire By Riz                         Tampa Fl.

Arthur Hull                               Santa Cruz California

Nuclear Umbrella                   Melbourne Fl.

Beat Bombers                      Ft. Lauderdale Fl.

Akangana                                 Orlando Fl.

Didges Christ SuperDrum               St. Petersburg Fl.

Midnight Caravan                         Orlando Fl.


Sambrando Raices                              Orlando Fl.

Jessica Hope                Orlando Fl.

Iyabakoso                  Orlando Fl.

Brevard Busking Coalition                        Melbourne Fl.


World Beatniks                           Orlando Fl.

Tuatha Dea                                        Gatlinburg Tennessee

Orlando Sanchez                         Puerto Rico

Juka Tribe                    Birmingham Alabama

Caribbean Steel                                Orlando Fl.