Admission For Circulation


$60.00 per person

($65.00 after February 7, 2018)

$25.00 per child 12 & under

(30.00 per child 12 & under after February 7, 2018)

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Includes Primitive Camping / Workshops / Drum Circle

Important!! Paralounge presents: Circulation is an event that accommodates “Families and Educators” as a “Music Retreat”. This event is not a Festival. Drugs and Alcohol will not be permitted.  

Important! Please be sure to include your names when you purchase your admission. 

  • Paralounge Inc. withholds the right to deny any person or group from this event.
  • When you purchase your admission you agree to be aware that Paralounge Inc. has a photographer on duty and your image may be used by Paralounge Inc. 

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Children’s Admission

Ages 12 & under

Children are encouraged to participate.

  • BUT they must be mature enough to understand and respect the atmosphere created.
  • Meditation spaces must be without interruption or distraction.


# of Admissions
Names For Registration