Building Your Instrument

Building your own instrument is a very empowering experience. It gives you the chance to fully respect the work it takes to be a creator. Your time, effort and creativity creates a powerful connection that bonds you to it. It is up to you, as to what you are creating. These instruments are not just used to create beautiful music. They have been used since prerecorded history for ceremony purposes. 

 This is your chance to create your own instrument. Empower it with your energy.

Then use it to focus your own intent.

Important!! All participants must be registered by January 23, 2018, to insure we have enough supplies.

Be sure to visit and sign up now for the “Frame Drum” building workshop.


You can build your own “Medicine Rattle” for $20.00 per rattle. 

We will be using goat skin for the rattle. We plan to shape and stitch the head of the rattle, prior to the event. So the head will be in the correct shape and dried. You will need to bring the following:

  1. The interior components. Seeds or beads work well. Concentrate on which ingredients mean the most to you. Do you feel a connection to corn? Is there a seed to a plant that you feel particularly bonded to? It may be important to you, to bring a small Crystal or a birthstone. Meditate with these ingredients. You only need a small portion for the rattle. 
  2. The handle. Bring a piece of wood or bone. This material must be special to you. It only needs to be a half inch to an inch thick. Think deeply about its purpose! Perhaps a limb harvested from an ancestors grave? A piece of wood left over from your Grandmother’s rocking chair? The antlers from a Sacred Animal (You should be aware of how it lost its life, natural or otherwise. It may make a difference to your purpose.) 

The instrument should be dried and capable of using by Saturday. You are encourages to use it. Please meditate with it. Please use it in the Sasa Zamani Ceremony. Always keep in mind “Your” purpose!

Sunday morning we will have an open discussion on symbols and their meanings. We hope you have had an empowering experience and received the information you need to proceed with your instrument to a final stage, initiating a symbol upon it! This is not a requirement. For those of you who would like to proceed with placing a symbol on your instrument, we plan to have materials available. 

 We hope this experience will help you connect with yourself, connect with your instrument, and connect you to an intentional path.

$20.00 per “Medicine Rattle”

All participants must be registered by January 23, 2018 to insure we have enough supplies available.


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