Camping and Lodging

Camp Kiwanis is not a campground. Camp Kiwanis is a summer camp facility for children. We are grateful to have this beautiful facility available to our community. Camp Kiwanis is a beautiful facility on Mill Dam lake, located within the Ocala National Forest, in Silver Springs, Florida.

Important! We must respect the facility.

  1. No pets allowed.
  2. Vehicles must use the parking lot. (participants with special needs may park closer to the event area)
  3. Camping is separate from the parking area. There is a unload zone where you may park, unload your camping supplies then park your vehicle. It is a very short walk to the camping area.
  4. Fires must remain in containers. Do not dig holes!!! All fires must be within a container, off the ground. No exceptions.
  5. Vehicles may not have access to the lake. No exceptions!
  6. Vehicles may not park within the forest line.
  7. RVs and camping in vehicles is permitted in assigned areas. Quite generators only.
  8. Absolutely no drugs or alcohol will be permitted. It is Camp Kiwanis and Paralounge Inc. policy to attain a family atmosphere.

Full Bathroom Facilities

Hot Showers

Camp Kiwanis gives you access to Mill Dam Lake with a beautiful beach. Important! Mill Dam Lake is not a part of the Paralounge Drum Gathering event. You have access at your own risk.

  • No Life Guard on Duty
  • Swim at own risk
  • All children must be accompanied by a legal guardian

Yes. There is wildlife present. Gators, snakes and other wildlife may be encountered anywhere at Camp Kiwanis. The facility is located in the Ocala National Forest. It is a wildlife protection zone.

  • Do not let children go unattended into the forest.

Dorm rooms are available for large groups and special needs persons.

  • Dorm rooms do not lock. Paralounge Inc. is not responsible for security.
  • No children on the top bunks.
  • No children may be left unattended.
  • No smoking
  • Pillows and blankets are not provided.
  • Do not move beds.
  • These rooms must be swept and clean, before check out 2 pm Sunday.

If you have a large group, please E-mail us,, to reserve a bunkhouse.

We also have a Dorm Room set up forSingle Bunks“.

There is a women’s side and men’s side.

  •  No nudity.
  • No Smoking
  • No children may be left unattended or sleep in the top bunks.
  • Please be quite at all times, this is a shared sleeping space. 
  • Bring your own pillows and blankets.
  • Area must be clean, garbage empty and the room vacated by 2 pm Sunday. 

Paralounge Inc. is not responsible for stolen or misplaced items. These rooms do not lock.

 No refunds allowed for single bunk purchases.

$25.00 per bunk 31st Paralounge Drum Gathering (Includes Thursday – Sunday)

Men’s Single Bunk

Women’s Single Bunk

Please email us for details:

If you are unable to camp and the dorm rooms are reserved, you have the option of renting a cabin across Mill Dam Lake. The cabins can be seen from the beach at Camp Kiwanis. Call Mill Dam Lake Resort for details # 352-625-4500