Circulation 2019

February 15-17 2019 @ Camp Kiwanis Silver Springs Florida

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Enjoy a weekend of personal growth.

This event does not promote any religious beliefs or practices. Each workshop and presentation is focused on building tools for your physical and spiritual awareness.  

Participate in a Drum Circle with Spiritual Intent

Experience Sonic Bathing with Gongs, Singing Bowls, Chimes and Didgeridoos

Study Yourself – Connect – Begin To Work At Your Full Potential


February 15, 2019

Gates open 10:00 am

1:00 pm Building the Sacred Mandala from the Earth with instructor Victoria Andalucia. Enjoy exploring creativity inspired by sacred geometry. Participants will gather items from the surrounding forest for ingredients.

1:00 pm Building the Frame Drum with Instructor Wolf Murphy. (This workshop requires a fee and preregistration) Follow the Link provided below.

CIRCULATION – Hoop/Frame/Shaman Drum Building Workshop – February 15 2019

2:30 pm : Spirit of the Didgeridoo with Instructor Jeremy Lembo. Learn the techniques used with the Australian Didgeridoo to create “Sound Bath” experience.

2:30 pm : Building the Medicine Rattle . Build your own sacred instrument. (This workshop requires a $10 fee and pre registration) This is considered a “Sacred” Instrument. You will be immersed in the process of creating your own instrument for spiritual practices. These instruments require a lot of personalized craftsmanship. 

Ingredients you need to construct your Medicine Rattle.

  1. The handle: Put a lot of thought into what you want the handle to be made out of. Do you have a special tree? An antler from an animal. The handle from your mother’s favorite broom. The more personal and special the better!
  2. The insides: What do you put in the rattle? Put a lot of thought into it! The sound may not matter as much as the ingredients, if you have a strong connection to it. A very small crystal! Suggestion… sleep with a crystal under your pillow, take it with you everywhere, meditate on it. Then put it in your shaker. 

Paralounge will provide:

  1. Pieces of goat skin to create the body of the shaker. 
  2. Crafting supplies, such as, beads, paint and thread.
  3. The construction time varies. Must allow drying time, before completing some of the process.

Instructor, Summer Van Mun will inspire you and guide you through the process of creating a very special instrument.

Only 20 Participants!

Must pre register! Once 20 participants have paid to participate, the button will be removed.

4:00 pm : Meditation Styles and Techniques Explained by Sandy Palmer, owner ofWise Mountain Yoga. Learn about the different techniques for practicing meditation and understand what meditation does for you.

5:00 pm : Dinner

7:00 pm : Meet & Greet Greetings and we welcome you together, set the intent and focus ourselves for a unique experience for the incredible weekend planned ahead.

8:00 pm All Night (free form) Drum Circle 

10:00 pm : Crystal Bowls with Amariliz Gonzalez. Enjoy the sounds of the crystal bowls. Bring a yoga mat or blanket to use if you would like to take advantage of this opportunity to meditate to these beautiful vibrations.

February 16, 2019

9:00 am : Pyramid Yoga with Instructor Ocianna  Michelle Calling

10:00 am : 9 Breath Circle Meditation with Instructor Kate Morgan. 

What is Breathing?
     Science+ Spirituality = Reality
      Discussion of basic science of breathing, focused breathing, intent behind it, visualization, release..etc.
The intimacy of breathing (The Doctor Who Revelation)
        Discussion of what you are actually doing when you share breath, connection, realization..etc.
The demonstration and explanation of the 9 Breath Method (and Warriors Breath )
9 Breath practice and 9 Breath Circle

1:00 pm : ACU – 6 Point Energy Balance with instructor Autumn Schwartz. 

ACU-6 Point Energetic Release Technique 
Autumn, Katie, and Eddy will be showing you how to release the energy within your body with these six acupressure points that you can take home to share with your family. It’s a simple easy way to release muscle and mental tension (sleep, jitters, headaches) in all ages. 
If you have a cot or beach lounger that will lay flat, please bring it. This will get you off the ground and be able to put your legs under it while holding the points!

2:30 pm : The Power of the Voice with Vanessa Fuller. Learn about the empowerment of chanting. Explore your natural gift and empower your spirit by using your unique ability to be a creator of sacred sounds. 

4:00 pm : Tribal Dance with Jenenne Bottaro Learn to connect yourself with your animal spirit. Express your strength through movement and find that place in the rhythm that empowers you! 

7:00 pm : Orientation for “Circulation” Ceremony:

We use the term “Circulation” to define the bodily function and Social movement. The Circulation Ceremony is a unique approach to a meditation experience. Each participant will sign up for a there turn to circulate through a process.

  1. This process starts with dancing. According to the number of participants will determine the number of cycles. Each participant will sign up for a cycle. Example: Each time a group is brought into the “Meditation Space”, we will start a new cycle. So if you end up on the 3rd cycle. You must keep track of when it is your turn to dance, therefore you will know when you are taken into the “meditation space”. 
  2. Each cycle will begin and end as the “Escort” approaches the drum circle and announces the new cycle. Example: An “Escort” will be sent to the circle, from the meditation space, to collect the next group for the next cycle. The dancers then follow the “escort” to the “meditation space”. 
  3. Dancers are then brought into the meditation space. This space is a facilitated experience with Gongs, Chimes and Didgeridoos. The “Escorts” then return to the drum circle and drum for the next cycle. Those who are ending their “Meditation” will be asked to wait for the end of the next cycle, therefore becoming “Escorts”. At the end of the “meditation”, the “Escorts” then journey to the drum circle to collect the next group of dancers.

Example: Drum circle will start. The first group will dance (group A). They will be summoned to the meditation space. The dancers leave the drum circle, while the drum circle continues, and go to the “Meditation Space”. Meanwhile, the second group of dancers (group B) enter the drum circle and begin dancing, while the prior group (group A) is meditating.

Once the Meditation time is over, that group of people (group A) will be asked to wait for the next group to finish the “Meditation”(group B). Then they (group A) will be asked to retrieve the next group of dancers (group C) from the drum circle. Once those dancers enter the “Meditation Space”, those escorts (group A) will enter the drum circle and play music for the next group of dancers. etc…

 You dance, then meditate, wait for the next group of people meditating to finish, then you escort the new group into the meditation space. Then you enter the drum circle and play for the rest of the groups circulating.

Dancing time and Meditation time will be roughly 15 minutes.

Please do not participate in any part of the activities if you feel it is uncomfortable or a risk to your health. During any part of this experience, you are not required to sit, lay down or dance beyond your capability. Your health is more important and we will accommodate the situation to help you feel more comfortable. 

Each person will dance, meditate, drum and escort. Each movement through the process circulates the experience through a personal and community awareness.

The “Circulation” ceremony is created to bring you a unique and personal experience. There are no religious beliefs included in the ceremony. You bring your own intention. It is your personal space within a community that is there to support you.

8:00 pm Begin the “Circulation” ceremony.

10:00 pm Free Form Drum Circle

February 17, 2019

9:00 am : Intro to Reiki with instructor Victoria Andalucia

10:00 am : Rhythm Church with your host Clinton Tipton. Participate in creating music with the intention to heal. This is a non-religious workshop.


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Lodging Options

Please visit our Camping and Lodging Page here on the website to familiarize yourself with the facility, what it offers and details about Bunk Houses.

 We have single bunks available for those who do not wish to camp. We have a Women’s bunkhouse and a Men’s bunkhouse. Men and Women sleep in separate areas.

Women’s Side

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Meal Plan

Wolverine Concessions does a wonderful job making sure we enjoy our meals. The menu is vegetarian friendly and also accommodates meat as well. You do not have to purchase a meal plan to eat from the kitchen. BUT… the meal plan will save you money and help us get an early estimate for planning the weekend.

Café (all day)

Hamburger & Chips

Fish Taco

Quesadilla – Cheese / Chicken / Veggie

Cheese Steak

Hummus Wrap

Bourbon Chicken & Rice

Veggie Stir Fry

Quinoa Salad

Black Beans & Rice

Fresh Veggies

Grilled Cheese



Friday – Mahi Grilled / Blackened

Saturday – Pasta & Mushroom Alfredo & Salad


Texas Toast Sandwich

Breakfast Bowl

Breakfast Plate

Veggie, Egg, Cheese Wrap

Biscuit & Gravy

Campfire Breakfast

Fresh Fruit

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