Circulation 2019

February 15-17 2019 @ Camp Kiwanis Silver Springs Florida

Enjoy a weekend of personal growth.

This event does not promote any religious beliefs or practices. Each workshop and presentation is focused on building tools for your physical and spiritual awareness.  

Participate in a Drum Circle with Spiritual Intent

Experience Sonic Bathing with Gongs, Singing Bowls, Chimes and Didgeridoos

Study several forms of Yoga and Meditation


February 15, 2019

Gates open 10:00 am

1:00 pm Building the Sacred Mandala from the Earth with instructor Victoria Andelucia. Enjoy exploring creativity inspired by sacred geometry. Participants will gather items from the surrounding forest for ingredients.







1:00 pm Building the Frame Drum with Instructor Wolf Murphy. (This workshop requires a fee and preregistration) More details and a link for preregistration will be posted soon. 








2:30 pm : Spirit of the Didgeridoo with Instructor Jeremy Lembo. Learn the techniques used with the Australian Didgeridoo to create “Sound Bath” experience.

2:30 pm : Building the Medicine Rattle. Build your own sacred instrument. (This workshop requires a $10 fee and pre registration) More details will be posted soon.

4:00 pm : to be announced….

7:00 pm : Meet & Greet

8:00 pm All Night (free form) Drum Circle

February 16, 2019

9:00 am : Pyramid Yoga with Instructor Ocianna  Michelle Calling

10:00 am : 9 Breath Circle Meditation with Instructor Kate Morgan. 

1:00 pm : ACU – 6 Point Energy Balance with instructor Autumn Schwartz. 

2:30 pm : to be announced…

4:00 pm : to be announced…

7:00 pm : Orientation for “Circulation” Ceremony:

We use the term “Circulation” to define the bodily function and Social movement. The Circulation Ceremony is a unique approach to a meditation experience. Each participant will sign up for a there turn to circulate through a process.

  1. This process starts with dancing. The drum circle will be facilitated. Drummers will begin with a slow and trance inducing rhythm. The tempo will move to a climax slowly, allowing the dancers a transition from a slow dance into the “ecstatic” dance. The “ecstatic” dance removes any substantial energy that may cause you to twitch or move or be distracting during the meditation experience. The drum circle will then be brought back down to the original rhythm.
  2. The dancers are then escorted to the meditation space provided inside the building. The escorts play their instruments and sing to the dancers. This builds a bridge between the world of the drum circle and the meditation space.
  3. Dancers are then brought into the meditation space. This space is a facilitated experience with Gongs, Chimes and Didgeridoos.
  4. After the meditation experience is over, you will then circulate back into the drum circle, where you will then drum for the next group of dancers.

Each person will dance, meditate, drum and escort. Each movement through the process circulates the experience through a personal and community awareness.

The “Circulation” ceremony is created to bring you a unique and personal experience. There are no religious beliefs included in the ceremony. You bring your own intention. It is your personal space within a community that is there to support you.

8:00 pm Begin the “Circulation” ceremony.

10:00 pm Free Form Drum Circle

February 17, 2019

9:00 am : to be announced…

10:00 am : Rhythm Church with your host Clinton Tipton. Participate in creating music with the intention to heal. This is a non-religious workshop.


$60 per adult before February 1, 2019.

$25.00 per child 12 years and younger. 

Important!! We encourage children to attend. Children should be well behaved and act responsibly. Many of the workshops during this event require silence and controlled environment. Children must not be disruptive.

After February 1, 2019 the admission price changes.

$70.00 per adult