Circulation Dorm Room Registration

Welcome to the Dorm Room Registration Page

Please be sure to read through the following rules for Dorm Rooms.

  1. Please do not move bunks.
  2. Do not attach anything to the walls. ( Do not use tape on the walls )
  3. No children may be left unattended inside the dorm rooms.
  4. No children may sleep on the top bunks.
  5. No smoking!
  • Dorm Rooms do not lock. Paralounge Inc is not responsible for the security of dorm rooms.
  • Dorm rooms must be vacant by 2 pm, Sunday afternoon.
  • Dorm Rooms must be clean and swept before check out time Sunday.

You must supply all pillows and blankets.

Single Dorm Room


Single Dorm

Double Dorm Room

Double Dorm