February 9-11 2018

Camp Kiwanis

19300 S.E 3rd ST

Silver Springs, Florida

Located in the Ocala National Forest

Paralounge Presents: Circulation



 Circulation is a weekend focused upon studying musical practices used in spiritual activities.

We will create an environment where ALL denominations of spiritual or religious practices can be comfortable while interacting. We would like to strengthen and develop a more spiritually connected community and create a space where you can be spiritually curious. We will provide a community space where we can build the tools necessary for your own unique Metaphysical exploration. All of the workshops are and can be used in any belief system, it is our intent to provide tools and technique, not to promote ideas. 

This should be a comfortable place for you to enjoy learning, no matter what you believe or do not believe in. Everyone can benefit from learning techniques for Meditation. Everyone can benefit from the benefits of properly Breathing and getting the proper amounts of oxygen to your brain. Everyone can benefit from learning about the body and mind.. etc… 

Gates open @ 9:00 am Friday morning.

Important! The gate will be closed to access the event 6 PM, Saturday evening. No vehicles will be able to access the event after this time. We are preserving the atmosphere for the 9 pm ceremony and do not wish to be interrupted by vehicle sounds or lights. Thank you in advance.

Important! Circulation is meant to build, enhance and empower the spirit. Please do not ingest ANY mind altering drugs, this includes Marijuana, at this event. These workshops and the Sasa Zamani Ceremony will need your complete concentration. Your mental stability is important to the process and the safety of the group surrounding you.

Important! Children are encouraged to attend and participate. BUT they must be “mature” enough to understand the importance of each activity and capable of understanding the importance of “not creating a distraction”.

We are happy to present you with the opportunity to participate. If you do not own a drum and would like to participate, we will have a fleet of drums available. You may borrow a drum to participate. You must promise to respect the instrument, so we will always have the ability to share. 



Important!! There will be times when we ask everyone to respect the silence needed for many of these workshops. So please respect the workshop areas and observe the atmosphere created to accomplish the goals we have set. This does not mean silence will be throughout the venue, just in the area surrounding the workshops. We are taking these workshops seriously, and we hope you will too. Thank you.

Friday February 9, 2018

9:00 am: Gates Open for admission.

12:00 pm : Building the Mandala. Participate in building a Mandala. (details posted soon.)

12:00 pm : Building Frame Drum with “Wolf” Murphy. This workshop has additional cost. (2 hour build time)

  • $70      12″ Frame Drum    
  • $190    23″ Frame Drum

Please visit

Use Discount Code: CIRCULATION for a 20% discount

2:00 pm : Spirit of the Didgeridoo with Jeremy Lembo. Learn the technique of the “Didge Bath”.

2:00 pm : Building the Medicine Rattle with Summer Van Mun. This workshop requires an additional cost to participate.


3:30 pm : Crystal Grid Meditation and Creation Playshop with Sean Lamore. After a brief introduction of stones and crystal grids, a guided meditation gets the group connected with the Earth, the stones and each other. During the meditation the intention for the grid is set, the first stone placed, and then everyone creates a crystal grid together.

6:00 pm : Understanding the Ancient Practice of Meditation with Sandy Palmer. Meditation allows inner peace and has many physical and emotional benefits, such as lowering blood pressure and reducing anxiety. Sandy has been practicing meditation since her father taught her in her childhood. She will take you on a guided meditation, and discuss what meditation is and different techniques to achieve meditation.

7:00 pm : Health Rhythms with “Wolf” Murphy.  “With solid, peer-reviewed and replicated research that has established a diversity of wellness benefits ranging from increased killer T-cell activity and improvement in cancer-resistant immunological responses through studies showing that participation in the Health Rhythms protocol actually can create change in our hereditary stress-related disease expression at the genomic level, Health Rhythms facilitated sessions offer a profound opportunity to improve your general wellness. These recreational music-making sessions present a protocol fine-tuned by research that—in addition to the effects already mentioned-are community—building and FUN!”

8:00 pm : Meet and Greet. Time to meet your neighbors and set the intent for the weekend. 

9:00 pm : All night, free form Drum Circle / Didgeridoo Circle / Flute Circle

Saturday February 10, 2018

9:00 am : Pyramid Yoga with Ocianna Michelle.  Bringing your mind, body and spirit into alignment with music , movements, and energy activation. Move through Ancient Body Awareness techniques, Meditative Breathing and Sacred Inner Journeying. Please bring your Yoga Mat or Blanket, and you are encouraged to bring a notebook so you take notes as to images and messages you may experience during the workshop.  

10:oo am : Acu Five, 5 Point Energy Balance Class, with Autumn Schwartz. You will learn how to feel the energy movement in five acupressure areas that will mobilize the congested energy / tension within the muscles and meridians of the body. This is a simple and powerful technique that you can use on your friends and family (teach them so they can relax you!!!) at any time to help them release trapped emotional energy that is bogging them down mentally and physically. “What would it take for us to have Fun with our Energy learning and changing the world?!”

Please bring a mat to lie and sit on. 

You will be lying down for about 15 minutes, then exchanging sitting holding points for 15 minutes

11:00 am : Learn to Breath. Experience the 9 breathe method of Qigong with Kate Morgan.

1:00 pm : Learn to Chant. Finding your unique vocal identity and exploring sacred sounds with Vanessa Fuller Brown.

2:30 pm : Learn the Shamanic Dance with Jenenne Bottaro. 

4:00 pm :  Spirit of the Drum with Ken Anoff. Learn to use the drum as a tool for meditation. 

7:00 pm : Structure of the Ceremony: Explanation and instruction for the Sasa Zamani Dance. Everyone participating must attend. Sign up sheets will be available so you may participate in the cycles properly. 

9:00 pm : Sasa Zamani Dance: A Cycle of Drum, Dance (Facilitated Drum Circle) and Meditation. The idea is to heighten your meditation experience and empower you with the strength of your dreams and awaken the dormant memories of your ancestors, past, present and future.

Please study the diagram below to get an idea. 

I chose this name because these words were in my mind for a long time. I could not find there meaning. Then I was inspired to create this dance and these words, not only came to the front of my mind, the definition presented itself. These are words rooted in ancient African philosophy concerning time and space. I use these words with all respect and acknowledgment of the culture they come from. Below is the meaning according to, John Mbiti’s African Religions and Philosophy.

Zamani is not limited to what in English is called the past.
It also has its own “past, “present,” and “future,” but on a
wider scale. We might call it the Macro-Time (Big Time).
Zamani overlaps with Sasa [the Micro-Time] and the two
are not separable. Sasa feeds or disappears into Zamani.
But before events become incorporated into the Zamani,
they have to become realized or actualized within the Sasa
dimension. When this has taken place, then the events
“move” backward from the Sasa into the Zamani. So Zamani
becomes the period beyond which nothing can go. Zamani is
the graveyard of time, the period of termination, the dimension
in which everything finds its halting point. It is the final store-
house for all phenomena and events, the ocean of time in which
everything becomes absorbed into a reality which is neither
after nor before. ( Mbiti 1994.) 

I hope you can accept my translation of these words, and understand my modern interpretation into dance. The cycle we create, in dance, in meditation, in music, will manifest the “Circulation” between the mind and body, equipping it with the perspective it needs to see. Truly see. Past the conception of time. When you see past the concept of time, you see US, the WE. And when you see that far, Empathy and Compassion become your path. Because all paths lead to YOU. So I am asking you to dance down that path with me and we can discover anything we can imagine.

We are dancing in Time, singing to our Ancestors, we see into Ourselves and become Empowered.

We are struggling in our current time, because we have become blind to the perfection. Divinity is the presence of perfection. We are, ourselves, a manifestation of the perfect universe. When you look at ourselves we may only see a small fraction of the universe. We must include ALL of ourselves to see the bigger picture.

The intention for the Sasa Zamani Dance.

  1. Is to unite you with community, rhythm and sound, concentration and intention.
  2. Burn up the physical energy in your body and clear any pathways and provide proper circulation.

The intention of the Sasa Zamani Meditation.

  1. Utilize the frequencies provided by the instruments to access the transcendental states of conscience.
  2. Explore the images your conscience presents.
  3. Look inside yourself for that which you may not have seen.
  4. Look for your connection to ALL.

12:00 midnight   Open Drum Circle / Didgeridoo Circle / Flute Circle

Sunday February 11, 2018

9:00 am : Chanting to the Open Heart with Shana Smith. Learn the sacred chanting and singing of the Kirtan. This is a Faith/Religious neutral exercise using the voice to connect universally. 

10:00 am : The Power of the Symbol : Discuss the power and intent, projected by symbols. 


There will be no performances during this event. We are very serious about creating an environment that will empower your belief systems and help you understand more about your true spiritual nature. We hope you will enjoy the experience, but we will not be entertaining you. The atmosphere will encourage you to tell your story to others, interact with spiritual ideas, and learn new concepts. Many people believe in and interact with, a Metaphysical AND Quantum reality. I will use the word “Shaman”. It is time to Circulate. Beat the drums, shake your rattle and dance into the dream!

All night Drum Circle

Midnight – Sunrise


Palm Readers, Tarot Card Readers, Energy Workers etc… are welcome to apply for this event.

Oaken Fire Rhythms has all kinds of hand crafted drum stands, signs and drum circle items.

A Company Of Angels has a plethora of books, crystals, incense and more!

more to be announced….


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No Single Day Passes Available