Feb 172012

Paralounge Drum Gathering The Paralounge Drum Gathering is a weekend retreat for building community through World Beat rhythm and dance.Percussion artist, drum circle enthusiast, music teachers and music therapist will benefit from the educational aspects of World Beat. Each ancient culture on the planet created percussion and dance as a means of celebration and ritual. [...]

Nov 252011

A list of vendors will be posted as the event date approaches.       www.goatskins.com    Shorty Palmer provides drums and percussion from around the world, along with drum building supplies and drum re-building services. You may also be interested in his “How to re-build a Djembe” DVD. www.islandflutes.com  Ray Wood provides amazing hand crafted, [...]

Nov 252011
20th Paralounge Drum Gathering

!! Epic !! 20th. Paralounge Drum Gathering 10 Year Anniversary Celebration!! April 27-29, 2012 Camp Kiwanis Silver Springs, Florida Located in the Ocala National Forest  It was an amazing weekend! Camp Kiwanis was packed full of beautiful people. Everywhere you could hear children laughing and drums playing. Here are some great videos of footage taken [...]

Oct 302011
What is the Paralounge Drum Gathering ?

Since July of 2002 The Paralounge Drum Gathering started in July of 2002. With one big bon-fire and one hundred and ten drum circle enthusiest from all over the region we created a drum circle space that would unify the community. With the best intentions Paralounge began to collect percussion ensembles from all over the [...]

Oct 302011
What is a Drum Circle

A drum circle is a community function based on rhythm and dance. Many cultures throughout the planet have traditions that include drum circle activities. Each culture has drum circles that function differently for different purposes.   Ancient tribes used music to bring the members closer as a functioning group. The instruments they created mimicked the [...]