PDG 31 Single Bunk Registration

Welcome to the Single Bunk Registration Page.

Here you can sign up and pay for a single bunk in the dorm rooms.

You must bring your own pillows and blankets.
Remember! This is a shared space.

No nudity
No smoking in dorm rooms.
You must remember, this is a sleeping space. So always enter the room quietly and be respectful.
Dorm room must be clean and swept before you leave.
Dorm rooms must be vacant by 2 pm Sunday afternoon.

Important!! Send us an e-mail staff@paralounge.net and inquire about availability. DO NOT purchase a bunk before you have contacted us.
You must be put on the Reservation List, before you purchase a bunk. If you are not on the Reservations List, then you will not be able to claim a bunk at the event.


Single Bunk