Vendor Information

Vending Fee is $50 + Admission

Vendors must be registered, 2 weeks prior to the event date. No vendor will be accepted at the gate. 

  1. Fill out and send in your application.
  2. Your application will be reviewed.
  3. We will contact you with approval status.
  4. Pay vending fee and admission.

If you are interested in vending during a Paralounge event, please fill out this PDF file, linked below (Vendor Data) and send it to

click here << vendor data >> click here

List of Vendors present for PDG 33

Shorty Palmer is the most wanted drum builder! You can look forward to having the most high quality drum on the market when you purchase a drum from You can pick out all the best drum building supplies you need. Visit the website and make your purchase now, then pick it up at the event (admission required).





Need that extra boost to keep you going at drum circle? You have to start your day with a delicious cup of coffee? Mike’s Gourmet Coffee has all kinds of options. Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Tea, Cappuccino, and more!







Wolverine Concessions  serves Vegetarian Friendly food along with meat. Dan strives to serve healthy food to the Paralounge family. You can save money with the “Meal Plan”. The “Meal Plan” is not required! It does save money. Visit the “Meal Plan” page to purchase yours today. Menu will be posted here, prior to the event.



Ray Wood makes a high quality, hand crafted, Native American Style Flute. He always has a large selection of amazing, beautiful sounding flutes made from all kinds of exotic woods. Browse his selection of flutes and purchase your next favorite instrument.