Camping and Lodging


16673 SE 81st Dr.
White Springs, FL. 32096

 The Paralounge is excited to announce our new home!!

Bienville Outdoors is a World Class Fishing Resort where they offer all kinds of outdoor activities for anyone who wants to experience nature. This resort consist of thousands of acres of lakes and habitat that has been reclaimed by nature and is thriving!

At Bienville Outdoors you will experience an incredible opportunity to witness Nature. This is a photographers dream! If you enjoy hiking, Bienville Outdoors is literally thousands of acres.

  • No swimming!
  • No canoes or kayaks

There is a plethora of lakes to tempt to into the water. Don’t even think about it! Bienville Outdoors offers prize Gator hunting. So you will see a large population of gators throughout the property, along with the huge population you may not see hiding among their natural habitat.

Please be responsible! Be aware of your surroundings, especially near the lakes.

Absolutely all children will be supervised at all times! This is a wonderful opportunity for children to witness and learn about nature. This is a great opportunity to teach children RESPECT for nature. This is not the atmosphere you want your children wandering the woods, especially near the lakes. Take them for walks, show them the beautiful wonders of nature. Be responsible and take advantage of the many docks. But do not let your children play alone! If we see unsupervised children, we will have to ask you to leave the event. For your own safety.

  • Volley Ball Net available
  • Tether Ball poles on site.
  • Horse shoe pit
  • Pickle Ball Court

This is a great camping experience. Just like the National Forest… we have to respect and expect animals of all sorts to be present. As always, we encourage you to keep your food packed away from your campsite. Do not feed any wild animals!

When I Arrive

  • Upon arrival you will receive a wristband at the gate confirming your admission.
  • If you have a Disability and need to park closer to the event area, please let us know. We will accommodate you as well as we can.

Primitive Camping

Important Note: Bienville Outdoors is not a campground… yet. The new owner is in the process of developing RV sites, bath houses and covered pavilions right now! The RV sites have been picked out and they are very close to breaking ground on that stage of the project.

The campground will not be ready by this summer. So our first event at this venue will be working through some changes.

  • Primitive camping will be allowed near the cabins and lodging. There are large pines that shade the area.
  • You will be able to park very close to your campsites. Do not pull into the trees so we can preserve the beauty. But walk is significantly shorter.
  • No fires on the ground. No digging. ( we will have fire pits when the campground opens )


RVs and Camping in Vehicles

Currently we will not have any hook ups for RVs. We will have an area designated for RVs, so generators will not be an issue with campers. ( RV sites with full amenities should be available next time)

If you need to camp in your vehicle. There is plenty of room.

Fire & Bar B Q grill Policy

  • All fires must be contained off the ground. Absolutely no fires may be on the ground!
  • Absolutely no holes may be dug for fires!
  • Above ground Bar B Q Grills are permitted.

Showers / Bathrooms
  • Currently this facility does not have a bathhouse. BUT… they are in development. For this eventHot Showers! we will have portable showers rented for the event. Please use environmentally safe soap.
  • We will have Porta Jons on site. Nobody likes porta jons… we know. But it should be temporary. It’s the first thing on our to do list when we find the campground site. We rented a Handicap Accessible Porta Jon, along with 4 units and a Hand Sanitizing Station.


We plan to rent a large 40×60 tent with 200 seats to accommodate the workshops and performances. This will allow us to carry on with shade and shelter if it decides to give us a Florida shower.



Primitive Camping is included with admission. Upgrading to a cabin is an additional fee.

Paralounge is very excited to present this opportunity for your family to have an incredible experience while at the Paralounge Drum Gathering. Bienville Outdoors offers World Class amenities at their lodge. You can rent a room within these beautiful cabins!



5 Guest Lodges





Each lodge has a Full Kitchen (shared, community space)




All lodges have a central great room with telephone, heartwood pine floors, wood burning fireplaces, satellite T.V. wireless internet, full kitchens, and screened in back porches overlooking Lake Purvis. (Shared, community space)





Each bedroom has Two Double Beds and has locking door.





Each bedroom has a Private Bathroom!

Rent A Room in a Cabin

You must rent your room for Thur /Fri /Sat during this event.

Call Bienville Outdoors and reserve your room now. You do not have the option to choose which cabin you will be assigned to, unless you rent the entire cabin.

Bienville Outdoors Office: 386-397-1989


The Bienville Store has a lot to offer you.




If you would like to fish during your stay at Bienville Outdoors, please talk to the office about any fees involved. Paralounge admission does not include access to lakes! We must remember and respect this facility is known for its Pro Fisherman reputation. Paralounge guest are here to drum. If you want to fish please get permission from the lodge manager.