Paralounge Inc. was founded in July 2002.

Paralounge Inc. has hosted drum circle at Festivals, Private Parties, Schools and Community Events. Best known for the “Paralounge Drum Gathering” event that created an environment that is fun for all ages, all cultures and all religions. utilizing the study of Traditional World Cultures, Music and Dance, we were able to unify and build a community that is growing substantially.

The Paralounge Mission:

Create an environment where these ingredients are present:

Family * Honesty * Creativity * Musicality * Spirituality

With over 20 years of working with incredible and talented musicians and artist from around the world, Paralounge Inc. has created beautiful network of resources that give us the advantage towards the Community Services we offer. The “Paralounge Drum Gathering” event has lasted 20 years and allowed us to build a network of Artist, Instructors and Performers that are available to serve the community for various functions.

Paralounge Inc. has worked with the very best Percussion Artist, Instructors and Dancers from all over the world. Paralounge Inc. can provide a full experience that involves performances, workshops and Team Building Exercises.

As the Host of the Paralounge Drum Gathering, Clinton Tipton has over 20 years of experience as an event organizer with stage presence and personable skills that allows him to make connections at many levels. His intense study of “Rhythm” and its effects when utilized as a tool for Empowerment, Healing or Entertainment gives him the skills and perspective needed to utilize music as a Community Building Tool.

So each Drum Circle serves a purpose and we know how to utilize that purpose to bring you the best experience that serves you and your community.

Where there is a drum circle, you will find the magnet to dance and smile. The rhythm starts a dialogue with your nervous system. Your body produces White Blood Cells and your brain is flooded with Endorphins.  It’s healthy!

Clinton is also a creative artist that has created many unique designs that promote Drum Circle pride. Please visit his online store to see all the great t-shirts, mugs, hoodies and more! Paralounge Store