24th. Paralounge Drum Gathering

May 9-11, 2014

Camp Kiwanis  Silver Springs  Florida

The Paralounge is proud to present an amazing line up of “World Percussion”! Bring your family to this unique experience. Celebrate the human spirit with drum & dance from around the world. Enjoy interacting with hundreds of drum circle enthusiest from all over the world. See live performances by professional percussion artist from around the world. Participate in workshops that promote fun, education and community interaction.

Tam Tam Congo 4-12

Tam Tam Congo

Tam Tam Congo are natives of Congo Africa. This ensemble is a Paralounge favorite! This amazing ensemble has entertained crowds for over a decade at the Disney Resort in Orlando Florida. Master Thobos Lubamba and Kasa Panzu are the core of the talent in the ensemble and have been very active in the Orlando drumming community for years. You will enjoy the cultural interaction and the entire family can have an entertaining and educational experience. Tam Tam Congo is a powerhouse of rhythms that will show you what the Ngoma drum can do!



Iyabakoso is a talented ensemble of singers, dancers and percussionist. This talented group features rhythms like Cuban Rumba, Guaguanco, Puerto Rican Bomba and Plena, Afro Dominican Palo and Salve. Iyabakoso presents very educational workshops and a very energetic performance that will take you to the roots of popular Latin music.

tuatha dea bannerTuatha Dea

 Tuatha Dea travels from Gatlinburg Tennessee to deliver a unique blend of traditional Celtic music with a modern twist! This super talented ensemble will have you up and dancing with their highly percussive renditions of their unique music. You will be charmed by their personality, impressed with their talent and grateful to have the experience!


Jana Broder's Drum Magic


Drum Magic

 Jana Broder brings Drum Magic! You can look forward to bringing everyone in the family to participate in this all ages, all skill level, Facilitated Drum Circle. Jana Broder is one of the most successful Professional Drum Circle Facilitators in the business. She brings the skills! You will grin ear to ear as she guides you through a drum circle experience that will teach you something no matter what your skill level is. You can be thankful for the “Red Trailer” that Jana brings. She has over 100 African Djembe drums for the community to use. So if you need a drum to participate, she’s got one for you. Take care of it and return it by Sunday morning. Jana’s drums entertain thousands of children, elderly and all kinds of corporate folks that really need them, so be kind to them and tell Jana “thank you”.

michael pluznick

bonnie brown



And after you enjoy the Earth shaking performances…… it’s Drum Circle time! Enjoy an all night drum circle with a beautiful fire.

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Where you can listen to some really great drum circle music!


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We would like to thank Solomon Peachy and Jason Waters, and other persons who have donated,  for the beautiful pictures seen throughout this website.