Welcome to the Paralounge website.
The Paralounge  is a family friendly Music Retreat in central Florida. It’s a unique family event that promotes multicultural interaction that strengthens the community through fun and educational workshops and performances. Enjoy learning about indigenous cultures from all over the world. Participate in workshops designed to teach self confidence, team building, creativity and musicality. We encourage entire families to participate!

Camp Kiwanis   19300 S.E 3rd ST. Silver Springs, Florida

Located in the Ocala National Forest

October 10-13, 2019

34th Paralounge Drum Gathering


We have 35 drums present to borrow, for those who need a drum to participate.

Thursday October 10, 2019

2:00 PM    – Gates Open for admission.


9:00 PM       – Meditation Accompanied by the Hand Pan, played by musician Peter Levitov.

Friday October 11, 2019

9:00 AM      – Yoga with Sandy Palmer

10:00 AM     – Rhythms on the Congo Drum with Sean Richards.

11:00 AM    – Mad Drums Skills with Polyrhythms with Wolf Murphy. In this workshop we will focus on 2 fundamental skills in contributing to improvisational community drumming—and here’s the fancy words—poly-meter and rhythm displacement. Both are techniques to mix it up and add something new and uniquely yours to the groove, and players of any level of study and expression can utilize these ideas!

1:00 PM     – Australian Didgeridoo with Jeremy Lembo.

2:30 PM       – Dun Dun workshop with Mangue Sylla Please bring your Dun Duns to this workshop, none will be provided.

4:00 PM       – BEGINNING YOUR JOURNEY WITH THE NATIVE AMERICAN FLUTE With PAINTED RAVEN This workshop is designed for beginning flute players, but all are welcome! Learn the basics of playing the Native American flute from the heart, as we do. Up to 20 flutes in the key of Am will be provided for the workshop, but we will welcome as many Paralounge family members as desire to attend!  You will be provided basic flute instruction as well as guidance on how to bring percussion and feeling to your music. Bring only yourself and an expectation of finding the joy, in playing the flute, that we have found!

5:00 PM       – Welcome Home Drum Circle. Get the weekend started with a drum circle! This is the way we welcome the family back to Paralounge and begin a magical weekend of drum & dance!


8:00 PM        – Mangue Sylla presents: DunnunKan  African Ensemble

9:00 PM        – Drum Circle / Didgeridoo Circle / Gypsy Dance Circle / Flute Circle / Conga Corner

Saturday October 12, 2019

9:00 AM       – Yoga with Sandy Palmer.

10:00 AM     – Introduction to the Tabla with Richard Marquette.

11:00 AM     – Facilitated Drum Circle with Steve Turner, from www.givingtreemusic.com . All ages and skill levels are encouraged to participate. We promote “all” family members should participate. Bring your family to make music together!

1:00 PM     – Advanced Rhythms with Michael Pluznick. 

2:30 PM       – Bomba Dance with Jessica Albino.  

4:00 PM      – Children’s Drumming with Steve Turner and www.givingtreemusic.com . Children learn to drum and prepare to perform for the Paralounge audience.

6:00 PM      – Children’s Performance   Kids get the spotlight!

6:30 PM      – Paralounge Give Away! Must be present to win! (Must be inside the building and ready to claim your gift, or another name will be pulled and another winner will be announced.) If you do not “need” the gift, be a hero and ask for another name to be pulled. (Details on the Admission Page)

7:00 PM      – Painted Raven   Native American Flute & World Music

8:00 PM      – Cukiara     Music from Puerto Rico

9:00 PM      – Drum Circle / Conga Corner / Didgeridoo Circle / Gypsy Dance Circle / Flute Circle

Sunday October 13, 2019

9:00 AM Yoga with Sandy Palmer.



Primitive Camping included with Admission. You have the option to upgrade and reserve a “single bunk” in the bunkhouse.